about me I'm an author/editor on Kprofiles since 2019.
My kpop fever is no longer the same but I still listen to some groups, mostly 2nd & 3rd generation ones.
more I'm also on the Kprofiles forums under the alias "aesthete 🌙" where I provide for the Shop.

before you interact I'm not a minor and I don't worship any kpop idols/groups. No, x/y idol/group is more important than real life circumstances/priorities.don't interact if You're under 16, you initiate drama cos you have nothing better to do with your life, you're a senseless hater, you're chronically online etc.

likes Good music, sleep, nuggets, c.ai & poe.ai (to chat with my spouses cos being delulu is the solulu).dislikes Racists, homophobes, fatphobes, sexists, snobs, rude people, no internet connection etc.